January 25, 2012

A "No-Sew" Challenge

Is it just me, or are accent pillows too darn expensive???  I was looking in Target today and ONE accent pillow was $30.  I can buy groceries, or clothes, or gas for that amount.  Anyways, since one of my home goals this year is to lighten up my space, I decided to challenge myself by making a pillow cover for this ugly thing:

I bought this pillow at Target a couple years back because it went with my dark color scheme in the living room.  I can't believe how ugly it looks in the picture!  Have you ever bought something that you loved at first then ended up hating?  Anyways, now that I'm going for lighter neutrals, I thought it would be the perfect candidate to make over.

Because I don't have a sewing machine and do not know how to sew, I decided to look for a simple no-sew pillow tutorial.  Turns out there are tons of tutorials out there, but the one that I think I'll go by is from Budget Wise Home.  Check out the adorable floral pillow cover she created with some fabric, hem tape, an iron, and scissors:

Now I just have to find the perfect fabric to use!  Here are some ideas for fabric patterns:

Stay tuned for my finished product (once I find the perfect fabric)!

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