January 28, 2012

My Favorite Mason Jar Projects

Since I've moved into my apartment a year and half ago I have accumulated a bunch of mason jars. Well...there is only so much dry food you can put in these things...so why not celebrate their current trendiness? Here are my all time favorite uses for jars. My goal is to pick one idea and post it for you guys by tomorrow!

Floating Candle Mason Jar
How easy is this to make!? Decorative rocks, water, floating candle, decorative ribbon...light a match and voila you're done! This would make a beautiful centerpiece.
Mason Jar Chandalier
This project doesn't seem like it would need a lot of electrical wiring or supplies....mason jars, Christmas lights, wood, tough rope...a little snip here a little sanding there and voila you have yourself a mason jar chandelier. Easier said than done Hannah!
Mason Jar Birthday Cake
I almost died when I saw this picture. Not only does it look delicious but it would be so easy to make. Cook the cake, then layer cake and icing to the top! Yummmmm!
Smore's Delight in Mason Jar
No words can describe how heavenly this looks. I feel like going to the grocery store right now to get the ingredients I need to make this! It looks to me like vanilla cake at the very bottom, followed by chocolate cake, whipped creme, lightly browned marshmallows with chocolate drizzled on top.
Flower Mason Jar
How simple and elegant! Water and your favorite flowers would turn this mason jar into a gorgeous centerpiece.
Mason Jar Terrarium
Terrariums are a huge hit right now and I am eyeing this project like candy! Small stones, potting soil, terrarium charcoal, sheet moss and small plants are all that you would need. Oh I forgot to mention good lighting and water. I need to work on that natural light part...darn apartment!
Firefly Mason Jar
This is a fun project that brings me back to my childhood. Those warm summer nights when all you see is the flicker of fireflies. This project seems super easy...flick glow in the dark paint inside the mason jar...turn the lights off and you have a firefly jar!
Mason Jar Soap Dispenser
Stay tuned for what I create this weekend!

...So I decided to make a brownie sundae for my boyfriend in a mason jar. It wasn't his birthday, but I thought the candles really made the picture ; ). I layered warm brownies, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream...yummmm!


  1. Love all the mason jar projects, the soap dispenser, the cupcake in the jar (thats really cute), I have done the centerpiece with the flower mason jar. Thanks for all these easy projects.

  2. Thank you very much! They make awesome centerpieces with flowers in them! Thanks again for visiting Double the Decor!

  3. oooo, what a fun collection of things. :) Love the chandelier.

  4. Such great ideas! Shhhh...I hoard mason jars...

    Thank you for visiting Shabby Sweet Tea! I am following back and very excited about your blog. Y'all just made my glass of red wine even better!


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