The Twins

What makes me, me?
  • I'm the "older" twin by two minutes
  • I have my Bachelor's in Business and Organizational Management
  • I am going through my quarter life crisis at the moment (it is hard to know what career to pursue)
  • I love anything wedding related
  • I know how to tap dance and play the tuba
  • I love French Bulldogs
  • I have a passion for cleaning and organizing (an awesome Friday night would consist of organizing my closet with wine in hand)
  • I love Mrs. Meyer's Cleaning Supplies
  • I love my sister who also shares my passion to clean, organize and decorate.  She is my best friend.
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    What makes me, me?
    • I'm the "younger" twin by two minutes
    • I'm a full-time graduate student, which forces me to be on a strict budget
    • I volunteer at a local animal shelter
    • I have two cats, Basil and Lilly
    • I have been a vegetarian since 2008, but I also make vegan dishes
    • I love sifting through thrift stores and used book stores
    • I love Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Homegoods
    • I have an amazing boyfriend who deals with my excessive organizing, cleaning, and decorating
    • I hope to adopt a rescue pit bull one day
    • I use spreadsheets to organize almost anything on my computer
    • I love Christmas movies
    • I strongly dislike clutter
    • I try and buy things that are not tested on animals (even laundry detergent)
    • ...and of course I have an amazing sister who totally understands the urge to organize, clean, and decorate!

        We are excited to finally share all of our ideas and thoughts about how to make a house a home through our blog.  We have been contemplating on whether to start a blog for a while now, and thought, what better time than the beginning of a new year?  So, here we are!  We will be sharing ideas ranging from the best cleaning products all the way to how to include cats in your home decor!  Make yourself at home and stay awhile!